Julie Rader


Clarity Moon Meditation

Clarity Moon Meditation


Are you in a funk, but don’t know why? As humans, we often absorb the energy others without knowing it is happening. This meditation guides you through a method to remove negative empathic impressions.

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Moon Meditations clear your mind and relax your body. They are intended to balance the nervous system.  All of the Moon Meditations begin with a mindful body scan, energy expansion, and a deep dive into the subconscious mind. The second half of each meditation will bring about a unique experience based on the quality you are ready to cultivate in your life. We suggest you scan the Moon Meditation titles and begin with the one that jumps out at you or your first initial thought.

These meditations are inspired by Julie’s studies with Swami Janakananda and his teacher, Swami Satyananda. Others who have influenced the creation of the Moon Meditations include Dr. Joe Dispenza, Christie Marie Sheldon, Brian Weiss,  Jill Willard and Marisa Marinos.

Research shows meditation increases the gray matter at the frontal lobe of the brain which simply translates to a happier and healthier life. Several forms of meditation have been studied and they all show the same results of higher quality of life and better immune functioning. Humans are unique and therefore different meditation strategies work for different people. Julie has created these meditations based on decades of meditation studies to create an individual experience.

These audio files work best when downloaded to a desktop or laptop, or exported directly to your iTunes on mobile devices. Some mobile listening apps are not compatible.