Julie Rader



Yogandha Wellbeing Oils

If you need to detox, relax and ease your body - then all 3 body oils will allow you to feel the full range of benefits of the vibrant herbal elixirs by Yogandha. It’s great to have all 3 side-by-side in the shower and in the morning ask your body what it needs today.


Stressed, tired, out of balance? Because so many of us are all three - with shifting moods that need to be brought back to centre - Yogandha created this pack of all 3 rollerballs. Keep all 3 oils near you (in your handbag, on your desk, in your car) and apply depending if you need to calm, to energize or to balance. Apply to your pulse points for an instant feeling of calm self-connection.


A collection of oils in line with the seasons - wellness delivered! Includes support in setting your Wellness Intentions and Vision, access to the private Yogandha Facebook group on using oils for yoga & wellness, and an online gathering (satsang) every second month. Five percent of profits go to Women for Women International.


What you see is what you get

Meditation through the joy of storytelling with Julie Rader and Regina Don

With this book, the art of storytelling is combined with a gentle heart opening look inside. What You See, Is What You Get, is a relaxing read that will put you on a peaceful path to the self within.

So go ahead, get comfortable, and read for fun, like you once did as a child.

Let these thirty three pages take you on a joyful adventure. You just might be surprised to find out “THE END” is just the beginning, once you’ve arrived!